Why a faux/dummy cake?

Why should  I use dummy tiers instead of real cake tiers?

 Using faux (styrofoam tiers), best known as dummy tiers instead of real cake tiers has been popular for years now. Most of the BIG beautiful cakes you see on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are actually dummy cakes.

Not only do they allow you to have the grand, tall and breathtaking cakes that most brides desire, they also save you money which is a win win!

 How do you save money you ask? You save money because the cake artist doesn't have to take the time to cut, stack and add frosting to the real cake which can take a good amount of time and labor.

 So where is the cake to feed your guest? With Designs By Cake Daddy, the bottom tier of the cake will still be real so the bride, groom and guest get to enjoy the traditional cake cutting ceremony. The remaining servings will come in the form of double layered sheet cakes (see example photo) that will be conveniently placed in the kitchen for the wait staff to cut which gives guest more time to admire and take photos of your beautiful cake! 

 One other thing to add is, we don't provide the normal single layered sheet cake. No, we provide double layered sheet cakes which give the appearance that the servings were actually cut from the wedding cake itself. Now how cool is that?! 

 We look forward to creating the wedding cake(s) of your dreams!!!

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